Appreciating the Complexity of Human Ecosystems

Networks are made of individuals. Each person is a complex system where we can’t control nor truly predict their behavior, so combining them to form a network can make things even messier! As a practitioner it’s my job to pay attention and support healthy, productive patterns that emerge from the network’s ecosystem. I was first […]

White Supremacy Culture is an “All of Us” Problem By Donte Curtis, Catch Your Dream Consulting

White – Supremacy – Culture. There are normally a lot of feelings, reactions and images around these three words. It is easy to pass blame around because it is 2019 and we are still having these conversations. For people of color the word “white” is believed to let them off the hook; For people who […]

A New Visual Language for Networks

Networks are complex ecosystems of people and relationships. Social impact networks seek to leverage the often invisible dynamics of those relationships in ways that we’re still learning to understand and that are hard to represent using organizational and hierarchical models. One new tool that has recently emerged to support this new way of seeing is […]

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